Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mixed Signals

As I was stopped at a red light this afternoon I noticed a license plate frame of the vehicle that was parked in front of me that read “Live every day like it is your last.” The plate frame was on a Toyota Prius. You know the hybrid car that people buy to help save the icebergs so their grandchildren’s grandchildren can have ice in their frappuccinos. Isn’t that sending out a mixed message? Save the planet for future generations but, on the other hand, live like you are going to be dead by sunset. Isn’t that like adding a Krispy Kreme on the side of a Jenny Craig?

Without Prius drivers we all would be living in a Waterworld ruled by Kevin Costner.

Last winter I saw a car parked in the Wal-Mart parking lot that had a bumper sticker on it that said, “Your dollar is your vote. Boycott Wal-Mart.” So apparently this individual was casting their vote but it wasn’t for boycott. There comes a time in everyone’s life when things get tough and they need to ask themselves if they are going to stick to their conviction or, in this case, go to Wal-Mart. This person said to themselves, “There’s a sale on hemp purses and tie-dye dresses!” … and out went the conviction.

Which is it people? I have my application ready.

Over the years I have seen many cars zoom by me on the freeway so fast it parts my back hair only to see an ichthus (Christian Fish) on the back of the vehicle. This always annoys me especially since I am a Christian and I am not a fan of other Christians making us look bad. The Bible tells Christians to obey the laws that are placed over them and that includes the speed limit. These people put the ichthus on their vehicle to show everyone that they are followers of Jesus and then drive like man who’s Ex-Lax just kicked in and he needs desperately to find a clean toilet. Sadly this is one of the many reasons why people call Christians hypocrites.

The Men's Retreat needs to find a new location.

We all need to take a look at our actions and listen to our words and make sure they fit together. If you are saying one thing and doing another, people will look at the doing part.  Actions speak louder than words they say. Do your actions drown out your words?


  1. I find it funny that people love to say how evil walmart is, but yet, I always see them shopping there!
    Good post Jason...this has always been one of my struggles. We live what we believe, and unfortunately, that is not always what we say we believe!

  2. Good point Lance. I think we all struggle with this concept.

  3. We're still human and each of us will do many things just in the course of our daily lives that will upset or offend someone, earning us the reputation of a hypocrite. I'm a big fan of practicing what you preach, but people expect perfection and that isn't what Christianity is about. That being said, when I feel that road rage boiling up inside of me, giving me the urge to flip someone the bird or jump out of my car and throw their precious poodle into traffic, I remember that little fish on the back of my car and in turn, remember all that I have been forgiven... It keeps me in check. :) Great post and as always, I love the pictures.