Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Air Conditioner Condition: Day 1

I arrived home and walked into my humble abode and noticed that the candles on the end table were melting despite the fact that they were not lit. After a short period of investigation I concluded that it was a tad warm inside the house and I needed to bring out the air conditioner.

The first clue on the way to discovery.

After a few hours the air conditioner was set nicely in the window and I was sitting on the couch with an icepack on my back making notes of all the new gashes in the walls. As I sat there pondering why the unit ran so quietly this year I began to believe that it may not be working at all. After close inspection I discovered I was indeed correct.

My wife will never notice.  It will buff right out.

Once I realized the unit was no longer operational I did what any capable man would do, I sprang into action. Upon returning to the room with my box of tools I went to work. One would be amazed on difficult the manufacturers make air conditioners to take a part. Not being one who is easily defeated I forged ahead.

I shall forge ahead!  Unfortunately this guy will too.

With the help of my drill and hacksaw I was able to successfully remove the air conditioning cover, despite the many warning labels strategically placed to trick me into thinking I could not fix the unit myself, and look inside. After a few minutes of wiggling gears and circuits, tightening screws and banging on the side I closed up the unit cover with the help of duct tape. Surprisingly the cover did not fit as well as it used to. As I pushed the power button I was slightly taken aback that nothing happened.

Free babysitting.  There is nothing duct tape cannot do.

I sat on the couch starring at the unit as I knew it was looking back at me with a smug look on its vents. I could not take the mocking any longer so I did was any capable man would do… I left the room.


  1. I am so disappointed. I thought you could fix anything with duct tape!


  2. I know Tera! Duct Tape should really fix anything. I don't understand.

  3. I am very surprised that the heat could get so bad inside a house as to melt candles at the base! That heat must’ve been severe! I’m also slightly disappointed that duct tape did not do the job! Anything can be fixed with duct tape! Hahaha! On a more serious note though, I usually don’t recommend trying to fix the air conditioner by yourself, unless it’s to clean the filter or if a small exterior part has popped off. If I had been in your position, I’d have called in the professionals post haste! I did read the rest of your AC saga and am very glad that it was finally fixed.

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