Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Air Conditioner Condition: Day 2

I can now relate to the Bedouin nomads who wandered the desert of the Arabian Peninsula and even the Tuareg tribes in the vast Sahara desert. I now understand the plight their people through the centuries as they endured in the scorching heat day after day desperately seeking shade and protection from the angry sun.

So far it is no where near as excruciating as the movie.

The heat is more than any one man should ever have to endure. I feel it in my bones. I am like the rich man in the Bible begging Abraham to send Lazarus to dip the tip of his finger in water and cool his tongue, for I am tormented by this heat.

This man says my house responsible for hundreds of glaciers melting.

Life without an air conditioner is not a pleasant experience, I have discovered. I recently looked at the thermostat and it read 85 degrees. The heat must have had effected the electronics inside of it for I know it is somewhere above 100 degrees inside my house. As I look across the room I can see the floor is waving due to the intense heat. I think I see a mirage somewhere off in the distance… down the hall.

I found this in my living room.  I hope it isn't my dog.

I have not seen my wife in hours. I believe she may be on the other side of the house, but the heat is preventing me from making the long journey. I pray for her safety and hope she took enough water to make it back to the living room.

I may need to send a camel looking for her down the hall.

We shall be reunited. Just stay alive, honey! I will find you! I will find you! Well… maybe when it gets cooler.


  1. Like you, I can't imagine how will I survive the scorching heat of summer without an air conditioner. I love the summer, but not the heat that comes with it that seems to drain my energy throughout the day. Anyway, whenever you feel hot, you can always take a bath, open your windows, and drink lots of fluids; or much better, go to a place with an air conditioner.

  2. Your last statement made me smile. It's as if your wife is on the other side of the world, when in fact she's just inside your house. :D Well, I experienced having a broken AC unit before, so I know how you felt during that time. The heat is really distracting. No matter how hard I try to be cool with an electric fan, I really can't. Haha! I'm just lucky that it didn't take a long time for my air conditioner to get fixed.

  3. I know many can relate with your situation. Having a broken AC unit can really be a terrifying and frustrating experience. That's the least thing I want to experience, especially when I'm about to enjoy the summer. That's why I'm lucky that my four-year old aircon hasn't encountered problems yet. I always keep it clean and well-maintained, so I’m confident that it's still in good running condition.

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