Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Air Contitioning Condition: Day 4

The day had arrived for me to finally take out the air conditioner from the window and place it in the trunk of my wife’s Honda Accord as she will be taking it to the repair shop. I planned my pathway by arranging the furniture and opening the front door as my wife opened up the trunk of her vehicle. This, as it would appear, did not make much of a difference.

This tripping hazard sign is FABULOUS!

As soon as I lifted up the unit, that quite possibly weighs as much as a small import car, I quickly found my dog trying desperately to investigate the situation. As I was kicking him away I dropped the cord and stepped on it only adding to the weight of the unit and throwing off my equilibrium. I made it to the front door and down the walkway to the car all the way trying to make a mental note to fix the new dents in the walls. This was particularly disappointing as I just repaired the holes from moving the unit into the house only days before.

I challenge anyone to find where the hole is.

As I stood holding the behemoth I noticed that my wife had opened the trunk but did not clean it out at all. Forced to rest the air conditioning unit on the edge of the trunk, balanced by my leg and one hand, I unloaded the entire trunk with one hand. Thanks honey!

Sure, it fits right there between the Doritos and the farm fresh eggs.

I closed the trunk of the car and returned inside the house. I advised my wife that if the repairman inquires about the condition of the unit she should admit to him she tried to fix it to no avail. As she gave me a blank stare I was forced to remind her that casting blame will not fix the unit. We need to focus on the future, not the past.

My wife is a gentle, delicate rose.

I quickly left for work.

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  1. Haha! I like the way you and your wife try to work things out. It's as if you always end up having a funny conversation. Anyhow, what happened with your old AC? You said on your other post that you just bought a new AC, so I assumed that the repairman wasn't able to fix it. Oh well, if that's the case, buying a new one is much better than trying to fix it again and again.