Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Air Conditioner Condition: Finale

There is moment in certain people’s lives when they see a miracle from God Himself and it changes their lives forever. For Moses it was the burning bush. For Saul it was the road to Emmaus. For me it was my living room for today I bought a new air conditioner. And when I say “I”… I mean “my wife.”  She is stronger than she looks.

My wife and I going to a Super Bowl party.  She is like a pack mule that one.

As I was wondering what all the extra parts were for after the installation I decided to turn the unit on. Immediately the cool air blew over my face I saw a bright light come from behind the air conditioner. Then a white dove descended down from heaven and landed on the air conditioner unit with an olive branch grasped delicately in its mouth and I heard a voice from heaven say, “It is good.”

Needless to say I was quite suprised.

I stood there in awe while the cool gentle wind blew through my hair (back hair of course… I’m bald) amazed at the wonder sign I had been shown. It seems like I have been waiting for months for this unit and finally it's here. It truly is a glorious occasion.

Of course I am not as excited as Hillary is.

Of course my wife tells a different story. She says the sun setting in the window behind the air conditioner blinded me when I opened the faux wood blinds and apparently while I was blinded my St. Bernard came up to investigate the cool breeze and had a small weed stuck to the drool on his face. This is the moment my wife walked in, saw the unit was on and said, “Does it feel good?”

Thats a good story honey.

Likely story! As if anyone is going to believe her story.


  1. Hahaha! Your story made me laugh, Artie! Well, I could also imagine myself in front of my new air conditioner! ^^, Of course, that’d be really awesome. You don’t need to worry about the heat. You can just stay in your home and feel the cool wind any time you want!

  2. When I bought an AC unit, I also had that same feeling when I bought a new car. Haha. Seriously, I’m really fascinated by it whenever I lay my hands on it and touch it from time to time. You try to imagine it, no? Haha! I really think of my air conditioner as one of the most precious things I have in my home. :))

  3. Haha! You’re a hilarious story-teller, Artie! But I could definitely relate to that elation you felt at having an air conditioner. When I first moved into my house, I had three months to suffer without air conditioning, trying to sleep and whistling for the wind until I had the money to buy and install an AC unit. >.<

    Harold Rhoads